Working to transform the built environment in ways that provide for the ecological, economic, and social needs of the present without compromising those of the future.
buidling green interview
An Interview with Richard Graves
Path to Net Zero
Ford Site Redevelopment
B3 Operations Manual
B3 Operations Manual
MINSHI Affordable Prototyping
MNSHI Affordable Prototyping
Ground Source Heat Pump Study
Ground Source Heat Pump Study
The Rose
The Rose


Energy and Climate Change: Provide tools, expertise, and research to support energy independence, security, and climate neutrality for the state, nation and planet.

The Water Cycle: Understand the water cycle and its relationship to the built environment in the provision, capture, use, reuse, and recharging of water in local and regional watersheds and global water cycle.

Sustainable Materials for a healthy built environment: A regenerative built environment will need a renewable source of materials that create healthy long-lasting environments.

Value and benefits of regenerative designs: Develop metrics to track the full range of value created by sustainable and regenerative designs.

Equitable designs to provide sustainability for all: Investigate building solutions to provide sustainability to all communities.

Creating Regenerative and Resilient Communities: Our communities must become regenerative and resilient not only to be sustainable, but also to respond and adapt to stress and change in a dynamic global environment.