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Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond (B3) Project:
The State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (MSBG)


CSBR has developed the State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (MSBG) for the State of Minnesota. All new buildings funded in whole or part by Minnesota bond monies after January 15, 2004 must comply with the guidelines. The guidelines are a part of the Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond (B3) Project. Project management and delivery is led by LHB, Inc.; the guideline development process is led by the Center for Sustainable Building Research (CSBR) at the University of Minnesota; and public building benchmarking is led by The Weidt Group.


Project: Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond (B3) Project

CSBR Component:
The State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (MSBG)

Other Project Components:
Project Management: LHB Engineers and Architects
Public Building Benchmarking: The Weidt Group
Principal Investigators:  John Carmody, Jonee Kulman Brigham
Research Team: John Carmody (Leader), CSBR; UMN, Jonee Kulman Brigham, CSBR, Richard Strong, CSBR, UMN; UMN; Rebecca Foss, CSBR, UMN; Jim Wise, CSBR, UMN; Kerry Haglund, CSBR, UMN; Peter MacDonagh, UMN and The Kestrel Group; Annette Walby, The Kestrel Group; Bob Gunderson, UMN and ATS&R; David Grimsrud, UMN; Rebecca Ellis, Questions & Solutions Engineering, Inc.; Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, LHB, Inc.; Rick Carter, LHB, Inc.; Jerry Putnam, LHB, Inc.; David Williams, LHB, Inc.; David Eijadi, The Weidt Group; Tom McDougall, The Weidt Group; Prasad Vaidya, The Weidt Group; Jason Steinbock, The Weidt Group; Vinay Ghatti, The Weidt Group; Wayne Trusty, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute; Jim Keller, Gausman and Moore; Betti Iwanski; Art Pearce, Idea Works; Ashraf Salama, The Adams Group; Leonard Krumm, CNA Consulting Engineers

(See MSBG Guidelines for full credits of Executive Team, Core Team, Advisors, and Reviewers and Contributors.)
Sponsor: State of Minnesota, Department of Administration, Department of Commerce and other agencies
Status: version 2.1 is currently available; maintenance and support are ongoing.
Web Site: www.msbg.umn.edu


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