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Baudette Depot Preservation

The Baudette Depot Preservation Project was intended to transform the Baudette Train Depot from its current state into a vibrant, beautiful place that will invite use by the local community as well as visitors to Baudette. The three main program activities intended to occupy the building are: artisan’s marketplace; offices; and an exhibition on local transportation history. The completed project will host a number of activities related to arts and crafts, tourism, business and other events important to the community that spring from these primary activities. The vision of the preservation and restoration of the depot was one that reanimates the past while keeping a strong emphasis on present interests. The Center for Sustainable Building Research’s role on this project was to listen to the community’s aspirations, to visualize goals and potential solutions at a schematic level and to bring sustainability principles drawing from the B3 Sustainable Design Guidelines to inform the project. The resulting documents became starting points for design consultants to move the project forward.

Project: Baudette Depot Preservation
Principal Investigator:  Virajita Singh
Project Team: Hans-Christian Karlberg, Sopheak Pho
Project Partners: Depot Preservation Alliance
Sponsor: NW Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, CURA Community Assistance Program
Status: Complete
Download Document: Baudette Depot Preservation


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