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Sustainable Shelter—Dwelling Within the Forces of Nature

CSBR has partnered with the Bell Museum of Natural History to develop an exciting new museum exhibit: Sustainable Shelter—Dwelling within the Forces of Nature. The exhibit explores that ways in which the built environment interacts with natural systems through the extraction, use, and disposal of energy, water, and other precious natural resources. The exhibit introduces visitors to the functions of shelters, and how animals and humans have adapted to different environments through an amazing diversity of structures. Through graphics, cartoons, and interactive computer games, visitors explore how their daily actions are part of the earth’s carbon, energy and water flows. The exhibit will also reveal innovative building methods and technologies that can help restore the health and viability of natural cycles.


Exhibit runs October 16, 2010-May 15, 201

View the Cafe Scientifique presentation videos.


Project: Sustainable Shelter—Dwelling Within the Forces of Nature
Principal Investigator:  John Carmody
Project Team: Rachel O'Malley (project manager & Research Fellow), Dan Handeen (Research Fellow), Susannah Carlson (Research Assistant)
Project Partner: Bell Museum of Natural History
Sponsor: Dept. of Energy
Status: Ongoing
Web Site: www.bellmuseum.org


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