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Hennepin County Energy Recovery Center (HERC) Sustainable Design

This project involved conducting research for HERC Sustainable Design Projects including: HERC Sustainable Messaging (research potential installation of electronic billboards on the HERC facility); HERC Sustainable Landscape (researching options for a sustainable landscape for the facility); HERC New Architectural Skin + Living Wall (researching options for a new sustainable architectural skin with potential living wall systems); HERC Green Roof Feasibility (researching green roof options on the facility).


Project: HERC Sustainable Design
Principal Investigator:  Virajita Singh
Project Team: Ben Beery, Cassandra Meyer, Matthew Sand, Ashley Sommer
Sponsor: Hennepin County Environmental Services & Covanta Energy
Status: Completed, October 2008
Download Document: HERC i.m.b.y.


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