Deep Winter Greenhouse


Since 2013, the CSBR has partnered with the U of MN Renewable Sustainable Development Partnerships to research, design, and prototype Deep Winter Greenhouses (DWG's). They are designed to capture solar heat and store it in a large thermal mass to stabilize temperatures to grow fresh food in Minnesota in the wintertime and to reduce dependency on finite fuel heat sources. An airtight and well-insulated enclosure is coupled with a steep glazing wall and a large rock bed thermal mass to control interior temperatures. The prototype greenhouses will be monitored for growing conditions, energy use, and air quality. A partner study with Dr. Jane Davidson at the U of MN Solar Energy Lab will track heat flow through the rock bed to identify potential improvements in heat storage and stabilization. Research and design took place in 2014-2016, and as of fall 2017, three of five have been built statewide for testing.




CSBR Lead:

Daniel Handeen


U of MN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships' Local Foods & Sustainable Agriculture Program

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